FASHION IN FOCUS: Dolce and Gabbana

Following the D&G illustration in the last post, I felt the need to share the following images (- also I feel the need to pop in a quick disclaimer - obviously these are not my images and unfortunately there is no link for the source for these, I've pulled them from the deep, dark corners of the world wide web. Please let us just leave it at that.) Whenever I feature a collection I'm obsessing over I always spend a paragraph or four gushing about how gorgeous the collection is...

Do I really NEED to here? I mean Oh Em Geee! I don't even have the words (for once). The red, the lace, the use of the crosses, the gold hardware, the location, the styling, the Italian hunks and most importantly, the addition of Monica Bellucci! If I have missed anything, please pin it to the sheer speed of my fingers as they type this post with far too much excitement because there is not a single thing I would change about these visuals. 

Also, just before I sign this post off I wanted to do another little disclaimer. I searched for days upon end for the actual collection to be able to reference this correctly, however, as I mentioned I did find these beauties from the iffy parts of the internet, so for once, I am unsure of the exact collection. I want to say 2013/2014, but I could be wrong...I am probably wrong. PLEASE if you know let me know below!

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Have you seen the ILLUSTRATION?


ILLUSTRATION: Dolce and Gabbana

So those of you who have been following me for a while will be familiar with this lovely lady. This is actually one of my illustration from my uni days. It was originally based on a D&G Spring/Summer collection. The brand came out with a red on red collection which was one of my absolute favourite!

As I haven't had the time to produce a new illustration, I thought I'd give this old one a quick revamp. In comparison to my illustrations now, I think the style differs slightly. The lace overlay is blurry and I'm not 100% on the skirt. That being said, I don't hate it. Hope you like it!




Dayum Gucci...

So we all have some sort of a bucket list right? A list of must-do things before you die? Alongside mine, pinned to my mental moodboard (highlighted in fuschia) is my must-buy list. This is a list of items I NEED to purchase in my lifetime in my search for eternal happiness and self love. Sure, a bag may not fulfill that, however, I can dream.

As many girls do, I always dreamed of being able to purchase a Chanel handbag. I imagined one day strutting into Chanel, receiving the 5-star treatment from the staff, skipping home with my Chanel shopping bag and somehow surprising myself with the bag. I haven't worked out the specifics yet.

That being said, I think these beauties are sneakily creeping up my wishlist! Gun to my head, if I HAD TO pick, I'd opt for the Sylvie, because to me it's the most iconic and eye-catching in look whilst being the most versatile. I do imagine my wardrobe would need to consist of more red/green but let's not get hung up on all the minor details...

Sylvie leather mini bag

Dionysus leather top handle bag

Nymphaea leather top handle bag

My absolute favourite features on this new collection is the combination of styles that the brand has used. I love the addition of the athletic style stripped strap on the Dionysus and Nymphaea as well as it's functionality. I love the gold hardware featured in all three because personally I think it's the most versatile and one I never have trouble incorporating in my wardrobe. What tops it off though, it the use of thick bold stripes in red, green and navy, I can't even explain why, I just adore it!

Do you guys have a must-buy list? If so, what does it consist of?
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