FASHION IN FOCUS - PLT X Kourtney Kardashian

Fast fashion is something I rarely touch upon on this blog. Part of me thinks that it's due to the fact that it is what it is - fast fashion. It'll matter for now, it'll matter for a month - maybe two, but then you outgrow the trend and you never see the collection again. That being said, I still think Fast fashion needs to be celebrated for what is it.

Perhaps because of the looming Christmas party season, but I am loving this collaboration by Pretty Little Things! For me, I've always been a massive fan of rich, jewel-toned colours. I love the creative of these pictures - for some reason (that I just cannot pinpoint), I cannot help but be reminded of a certain photoshoot from past seasons of America's next top model... (anyone else?)

It is absolutely an over-the-top, excessive collection, if you ask me. The layering of the lace, faux fur, pleather, wild prints and not forgetting, the sequins is all a bit much. I imagine this must be every little girls's dream where everything is sort of mismatched and it looks as though the child couldn't pick which she wanted... so she picked everything.

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ILLUSTRATION - Victoria Beckham S/S 2018

Following on from my previous post where I practically wrote an ode to VB SS2018, I couldn't help but do a little doodle to illustrate my appreciation. Something I've found out (as an adult with a full time job) is how truly difficult it is becoming to set time aside to actually turn all the crazies in your brain off and just draw. However, once you're past that point, it's actually quite relaxing.

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FASHION IN FOCUS - Victoria Beckham S/S 2018

Absolutely in love with Victoria Beckham this upcoming season. For me, the mix of pastel colours is genius and so novel and modern - it feels like a breath of fresh air! Whilst I adore pretty much everything within this collection, my favourite is the outfit consisting of a crisp, white shirt with, what resembles a double-layered collar, a salmon coloured midi length skirt, and a pair of sage green court shoes with a slight metallic finish. The star of the show is, no doubt, the cornflower blue Vanity Camera Bag. Something about its neat shape, rounded edges and simplicity just works.

Images courtesy of VOGUE
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