This video was released during my third year at university and after the struggle that was my second year, I was willing to soak up any advice given to me. Anything to make that experience even the tiniest bit easier. To this day, some of Jenn's advice has stuck; number 2 in particular. And although I do think these are some incredible pointers worth remembering, below are some words of advice I wish I followed as a student.


Ahhh, that dreaded six letter word. You've heard of it, your parents nag you about it and soon enough you'll come to realise why. 

We've all done it, the week upon receiving our student loans we blow it on that coat we had our eye on from Topshop. Or perhaps the new Marc Jacobs fragrance that everyone has, that we simply must have. My weakness; is and always has been shoes. And despite knowing that it's something that you pretty much learn by yourself, I do think it's worth mentioning. 

For me, or fashion students in general, being on a budget is an absolute must! As well as having the compulsory reading lists, fabric, trips, paper, art utensils and sewing equipment aren't provided by unis so keeping money aside for those essentials are crucial.


The concept of eating well is one of those things that are much harder to do than said. However, there's such a misconception when it comes to healthy eating, nowadays people make assumptions based on the shallowest sources. Things like gossip magazines, Instagram accounts or even indirect adverts that target weight loss and compromise health. 

With an estimated 7.3 billion people in the world, with varying cultural or religious backgrounds, knowledge and beliefs, it's not surprising that what you may deem healthy, Harry, the fella your sister's dating, may not. Paleo diet, carb-cycling, macros, weight watchers, slimfast, portion-control, veganism, we've heard them all! But, the challenge lies within figuring out which (if any?) are suited for you, your lifestyle and body type.

With that considered, it's not surprising that often people get overwhelmed at the idea of taking that first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Personally I hadn't realised how much improving upon this aspect would change my academic life until after. Aah the power of hindsight... The action itself spurred a positivity within me and throughout time I saw improvements in my skin and hair. My energy had been the most significant change; I found that I was a lot more energised, I didn't feel lethargic or in constant need for naps throughout the day. Whilst it's a well-known fact that the food you eat has a massive impact physically, people tend to forget the importance it has on your mental health and well-being. 


Everyone always bangs on about the importance of being organised, and there's no better time to put this into practice than when you're a student. Being in university of college, or even school is becoming increasingly pressurised with constant deadlines, tests and exams. Personally, I truly realised the importance of jotting things down in uni; my second year to be exact. Every little thing from assignments of key dates to expenditures was kept a note of and for me, having a visual reference of them was easier than having one more thing to memorise!

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